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....What is this site?

Hi welcome my web site!!

When you wanna some animation goods.

Example,figure,video game treading card etc...

But,Foreign country people can't get some Items.

Because some times,they aren't imported by company.

I'll found and get them instead of you, and then

I send items to your house from my country.

I'm Japanese and from Japan.

I wanna help you about that get animation goods!

This page, I will explain about how you order items

in this web site.


umm..How Should I use?

At the beginning...

Please tell me what kind of your item do you want.

Please fill in "Request sheet" and send me.

(You don't need to payment yet)

I will reply to the notification email once the item

is found, I will also send you a estimation and

Send an Invoice on the "Pay-pal" or "Square"

If you can accept my estimate,please pay money to me.

After you are payment, I will purchase your order item

and send it to your house from Japan.

If you can not agree to my estimate, please decline.

And then, please consult about price to me again If you want.


How do you calculate

estimate of payment?

When I send to you estimate,the cost includes the item

price and shipping cost.

In order to calculate shipping costs, I need to ask you

information such as your country.

And, you may need to pay custom duties.

Also foreign exchange rate fee for credit card.

(If you want to choose "Square" payment system)

They are not included in my estimate.

This is so important things, please watch my

"FAQ"(Q-5_2) pages.

Thanks your reading!

If you already decide what you want, please come to

this "order sample" page.

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