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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1. Does order item have tacking number?


My estimated price is include payment of tracking.

I will send tracking number to you after I shipped item.

Q-2. Can I use Pay-pal or credit card for payment?

Yes !

Now, you can choose "Pay-pal" and " Square" for payment.

I will send estimate to you after you selected payment system.

If you want to choose "pay-pal" and you haven't registered yet

beginning, please register pay-pal to use this web site !  

When you choose "Square", you may need to pay fee for

exchange rate.This is to use a credit card between foreign


Now, Visa, Master card, American Express are available.

Q-3. Can I consult about discount for Items?

So sorry,  I don’t accept about bargain in any case.

Becase, It’s so unfair for custmers if I do it just some custmer.

I effort to search good price Items for you.

If you think that so expencive when I send estimate of your

order Items.  You can refuse payment and shipping.

Don’t be hold !

Hoewver, If you have some sepcific request,please ask to  me.

"Example": If you don't need outside box of figure,possibility item price reduce also shipping cost(I'ts a not necessarily)

Q-3_2  I don' t need tracking, Could you discount item instead of payment of tracking?

I can not accept it.

Because, If I didon't add tracking number for item.

No one can proof that item arriver or didn't arrive.

So sorry please understand them.

Q-4 My prize figure has paint imperfections, Can I get a replacement?

Please know that I will usually not be able to provide replacements or refunds for minor paint defects or imperfections for prize figures as they are held to a lower quality standard by makers and also sold at a lower price because of this. So sorry...

However,If prize has terrible damage, please tell me.

I will deal with them sincerely.

Q-4_2 I changed my mind!!  I want to return the Item. Could you?

Really so sorry, I can not do that after I received payment.

Therefore, please carefully consider your order before ordering.

Of course, if you are before payment, you can refuse.

However,If Item has terrible damage, please tell me.

I will deal with them sincerely and depend on, you can return.

Q-5. Could you send item to me as a "gift"?

I need to definitely write custom declaration.

I will only choose "other" of four(Gift, Commercial sample, Decuments, gift)

I understand that choose "other" cheaper than others.

However, I will not do them. so sorry.

Q-5_2 How about customs duty for items?

Please confirm about custom duty for your country.

I don't get the responsibility for custom duty when you need

to pay special handling fee for duty your self.

You need to pay the duty yourself.


Please check them your self.


Q-6 Can you send me item other than my house address? (very important)

I will only send items to the shipping address you have

registration for the "Pay-pal" and "Square".

I can not accept your request for change of shipping address after 

you paid money on "Pay-pal" and "Square"

If you are done it. please contact to me quickly.

"I will refund 70% of total amount of payment to you."

Please check it before you paid me the money from pay-pal address !   


Q-7 How about hand time and delivery time for shipping?


I send item to your country from Japan.

My handling time is instability, it depend on the item ordered from customer.

In my expectation,almost total 1week to 10 days.

(Time for my arrival and preparation for shipping, when I have an order

I don't have the item yet)

*My shop items are in stock and can be sent with in three days.


Delivery time, please check here.

Some country little late compared to other country.

And possibility, special season may be delivery get delay.

Please wait for deliverydate more than regular days. so sorry.

-Last- Can I just consult to you about item?

Maybe, I can't send items some country from japan.

I'll confirm that I can send them to your country before you transfer money.


If I can't send Items for you. So sorry I can't help your good life.

Yes, of course !!

Please ask to me your question on anytime.

I'll reply to you with in 24 hours.

Please use Email or Direct message on Twitter

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